Sunday, 12 February 2012


 Attention to all food lover....those that hunting for food ..u may come here and try what we called delicious food in Taiping.

This is Doli ( Kuey Teow goreng ) the famous keuy teow goreng in Taiping located at Jalan Tupai.

Kuey Teow goreng terbaik di Taiping

Doli entrance

crowded withe a lot of people ..huhu! cari tempat cepat...sape nk bangun angkat tgn pliss!!!eina plak nk duduk

take note ya...jumaat tutup/close !!!

kuey tiaw goreng special...harga nya RM9 sepinggan.

Another restaurant that famous with a traditional dessert : cendol

uols can search at ur gps this street ...for sure can find this bismillah cendol.

ni ler nama jalan restoran bismillah nie...

cendol yg mendapat raking review  terbaik di Taiping

bismillah cendol

sempoi ooi...tgh2 panas pekene cendol plak...

tgk auntie nie...layan cendol sensorg jer.hehe! candid ~

Another best cendol is Ansari Famous cendol in Taiping. For me, i do recomend this restaurant compare with bismillah cendol...but for your infomation both cendol sedappp!!!hehe!!!

This restaurant also located near to bismillah...If u come to Taiping. Pls come to this restaurant. comfirm tak rugi =)
ansari famous cendol...the best among the best in Taiping.

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