Thursday, 4 August 2011

Preparation before go to interview session

Interview tips copy from Randall S. Hansen + edited by Einazarina.

If you have made it as far as the job interview, you must have a decent understanding of job-hunting and the key elements of job-searching. Now is not the time to relax, thinking you have made it from the hundreds (or thousands) of applicants to the chosen few. While a strong resume helped get you to this point, it will now take strong interviewing skills (probably over the course of several interviews) to obtain the job offer.

Before getting to the top 10 ways to bomb an interview, here's a quick overview of the three components of a job interview -- all of which are vital to your interviewing success:

Nonverbals. From the opening handshake to your posture, smile, and eye contact during the interview, the manner in which you present yourself nonverbally plays a critical role in how the interviewer judges your interest and enthusiasm for the job.

Personality/Attitude. You might be surprised at how many job-seekers are perceived by interviewers as unfriendly, snobby, or a "know-it-all." Your goal is to present a warm personality with a positive attitude -- while building rapport with the interviewer(s).

Interview responses and questions asked. The heart of any job interview is the quality of a job candidate's responses to questions asked by the interviewer(s). Research and preparation is essential. Remember to ask at least a few questions during the interview to demonstrate your interest in the position and employer.


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